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Why Choose

15-DBC Consulting?


You will speak with a live consulting representative. Our process has been thoroughly vetted to protect our clients and our long-term success. We believe in making the funding process as seamless as possible. Apply today and let’s get the capital you need for your business!


We have years in the financing business we know what it takes to get you funded. You apply in a few minutes and we get working on your file right away!


We offer a straightforward process that gets you the business credit we needed in order to fund our business. No frills. No high-pressure sales. At the end of the day, you'll love the approach of "we deliver and then we get paid". You would not be more satisfied.


When trying to establish business credit it's not easy to find companies that actually deliver; moreover take on the risk of offering a guaranteed service unless they can deliver; you'll be sold from the start. Everything will be done on time as quoted. 


We understand that the thought of dealing with a bank can be very intimidating. First off we would like to express that we completely understand how you feel. Lenders tend to be short and intimidating simply due to the fact that they deal with so many people every day that do not have their package in order and it just ends up being a waste of their time. 

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