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15 Days Business Credit Funding Services

We're a company with over 15 years in the industry, we are ready to provide you with 100% Reliable Business Loan Consulting. We specialize in aged (Primary Business Credit) with EXPERIAN/EQUIFAX/SBFE & PAYMENT LEASING CREDIT. We are able to take your blank business credit to a powerful robust turbo level! Our process has been thoroughly vetted to protect our clients and our long-term success. Your business needs business credit before attempting any kind of business funding. We can super-charge your business line of credit in 15 days!

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Our Services

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Our Servuces
Business Credit
Package #1


1 Equifax Financial line of

(25k) 3 Retail - totalling (50K)

Experian- 10,000 Financial line

SBFE- 10,000 Financial line.

Business Credit
Package #2



1 Equifax Financial line of (50k) 3 Retail - totalling (75K)

Experian- 25,000 Financial line

SBFE- 25,000 Financial line.

Business Credit
Package #3


1 Equifax Financial line of (75k) 3 Retail - totalling (100k)

Experian- 50,000 Financial line

SBFE- 50,000 Financial line

Business Credit
Package #4


1 Equifax Financial line of (100k) 3 Retail - totaling (125k)

1 Experian- 75,000 Financial line

1 SBFE- 75,000 Financial line


Business is structured properly? (not sure? Take free readiness quiz") EIN tradelines verified? No negative credit items? Apply Now For Unsecured Business Financing-No PG Plan)

Click "Apply For Un-Secured No PG EIN Credit"

Support Consulting

30-35 days to complete all 6 primary business trade lines.

Your request has been will be assigned a corporate business strategist before applying for an unsecured EIN no pg loan to explain details of applying...Thank You For Submitting Your Request!


Having trusted partners in business is key, 15-DBC was referred to me by one of my longtime friend/business partner; they delivered as expected with no problems. I more than happy to pay them for a job well done!

R. Sanders
San Diego, CA


Ready to find out more?

Working with 15 DBC Funding Partners services is the best option small business owners have. There are a ton of other companies who are offering funding services; problem is that 98% of these companies work off a “backend fee,” that can range from 8-20%. Now to some paying a percentage may not be an issue, but giving up such huge amounts for something you can do on your own is just unfair. For example, on a 50,000.00 line of credit, the lowest fee in the market is 8%, which would be a commission of 4,000.00! Working with 15-DBC Business Credit Partners would not only get you the same funding but also build your business credit that you can keep forever, provide a solid banking relationship and the cost would be 50% less… there’s no way to lose!



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